Wiki-Sprint video documentation (21/12/10)

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A video documentation of the Wiki-Sprint, by Jerome Monnot and Vania Jaikin Miyazaki.

VJing: the print edition (23/08/10)

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It’s been done! The print edition of the VJing article, created during the Wiki-Sprint, has been layouted and […]

Listen to the public reading! (16/05/10)

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Our public reading of the article has just been added to the Wikipedia page: In addition to […]

Wiki-Sprint timelapse videos (14/05/10)

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The complete time-lapse videos of the Wiki-Sprint!

Some more wiki-sprint photos… (13/05/10)

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Some more photographs from the Saturday – Monday – Tuesday sessions.

Timelapse capture scripts (10/05/10)

For use during the Wiki-Sprint, our online contributor Alex Berry created some very practical Apple Automator / shell-scripts […]

First day report (07/05/10)

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some images from the first day of the wiki-sprint, first meetings between wiki-sprinters Raphael Diluzio, Ana Carvalho and […]

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